A one on one online training where the trainee would share his/her screen and the trainer would provide instructions over call. A new age learning which is convenient and impactful.

Duration       : 20 hours​

Mode            : Online (Zoom/Skype/Teamviewer)

Fees              : USD 100 $ or INR 7000

Case Studies : 5 Case studies

Free Demo     : Available for 45 minutes

Intoduction to New Excel
  • Intro to new version of Excel.

  • Changing the defaults in excel.

  • Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Look beyond the basic copy paste.

  • Customizing list.

  • Using Autofill

  • Quick Data Entry tips.

  • Basic cell formatting

  • Using Conditional Formatting.

  • Power for Tables.

  • Hiding the unrequired.

  • Using grouping and outline.

  • Freeze panes and split screen.

  • Create your own templates.

Excel Formulas
  • Basic Excel Functions.

  • Using IF and multiple IFs

  • Using Sumif, Countif, Sumproduct

  • Lookup Functions

  • Getpivot Function

  • Get Dynamic with Offset function

  • Pmt Function and much more...

Data Analysis
Project: Creating Dashboard
Sales and commission tracking​
  • Explore Pivot Tables

  • Scenarios and Goal Seek

  • Excel References

  • Subtotals

  • Getting access data to excel

  • Explore Excel Charts

  • Creating Dynamic Charts.

  • Gather reporting requirement.

  • Create layout to gather data.

  • Design summary page.

  • Define names and validations.

  • Use Formulas to get info on dashboard.

  • Create Dynamic charts.

  • Give flexible options to users.

  • Debug for Errors

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