December 10, 2019

So you want to know how good you are in excel then make sure you download our test now. Its not a multiple choice question style test but an actual test in excel with excel data. Download it and try to solve all the questions and also get your score instantly.

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November 11, 2019

Hi All- There has been a request from most of the students attending excel and VBA classes to show what SQL queries are and how SQL can be used with Excel and VBA. SQL is a query language to retrieve, store and manipulate data in a relational database. SQL has become v...

February 19, 2019

Most used shortcuts on Excel in order of their usage on an average.

February 15, 2019

This article shows you how to use offset function in excel in an easy and interesting way.

January 30, 2019

Learn how to use Index and Match instead of Vlookup with a very simple Example

March 26, 2015

Working with colours in excel sometimes might challenge your creativity. Though the colour palette has millions of colours to choose but having those many options is also a problem sometime.


When I came across some websites which had a  stunning colour combination, I w...

November 14, 2014

Please watch a demo on using Excel features to simplify daily activities. Enroll today for excel class.

October 10, 2014

There are hundreds of formulas in Excel. In this post I would like to cover some of the Text Functions in Excel. 


Assumption: A1 has a word Upskill Technologies


Len: Len returns the number of characters in a string.


Ex: =Len(A1)  would return 20


Left: Left returns n nu...

August 3, 2014

Well there are many cloud storage services but most of them require you to upload your files for backup. They overlook the fact that we are so undisciplined that we forget to upload and repent when we need a file during a crucial time. That's where Bitcasa comes for re...

July 13, 2014

Application object contains application-wide settings and options. Below are few commondly used codes to control events using Application object.




Once the vba code copies a data and to remove the highlighted selection use the above command...

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November 14, 2014

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