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2 Day Weekend Workshop for Advance Excel - HYDERABAD (12 Hours)


Ms Excel is a dynamic program and there is always a lot more to learn about it. Keeping a job and upgrading skills is a tough task, thats why we offer a weekend training program for busy professionals. No month long commitments to classes and 'straight to point' training which teaches what's required to work as an Excel Pro. Whether you are looking to refresh your excel skills or looking for ways to make your job easier or find better ways to analyze and report numbers this workshop delivers it all.


Saturday: 2 PM -7 PM


  • Working with and Editing Excel Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Creating and Organizing workbooks by inserting,deleting, renaming....

  • Working with excel templates, creating dynamic lists, autofill, tables..

  • Exploring Formatting options to create stunning reports and dashboards.

  • Understanding the basics of Formulas and writing simple functions.

  • Creating sample reports  with basic formulas and formatting options.

  • Creating and customizing various types of Charts.

  • Defining Names and creating dynamic charts and formulas

Sunday: 2 PM -7 PM


  • Working  with Excel Filter and Sort

  • Data Analysis using Pivot Tables

  • Using Formulas Sum-IF, Count-IF, Sum-IFS, Sum-Product, MultipleIF

  • Using Vlookup, Hlookup, Indirect and Match

  • Validating and Securing data with validaiton and protection of cells.

  • Analyzing data with subtotals, goal seek and scenario manager.



   Every Weekend


2 PM - 7 PM






2 Day Excel Workshop Hyderabad




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