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Python Online Training - Hyderabad, India & USA

Python is the most rapidly growing programming language on earth surpassing the likes of Jave, C, C++. Praveen is our expert trainer who is currently working in a major MNC on projects related to Python programming. He has broad experience of delivering multiple projects using Python and has now forayed into the field of teaching Python online. We also provide job support and mentoring on Python. Schedule a free demo today and learn Python programming easily at the comfort of your home.

Python Proramming Online

Python Online Training Course Contents

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Python Programming Course Outline

  • Installing Python

  • IDE for Python

  • Writing first program

  • Python Variables

  • Python Strings

  • Python Dictionary

  • Python Operators

  • Python Functions

  • Lambda function

  • Python Arrays

  • If-Else

  • Loops: For, While

  • Python OOPS

  • Python lists, tuples

  • Python date and time

  • File handling

  • Python Exception Handling

  • Python with SQL

  • Python Pandas

  • Python webscraping

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