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2 Day Weekend Workshop for Excel VBA Macros - HYDERABAD (10 Hours)


This program is for those who have a fair amount of knowledge on Ms-Excel and would like to extend the usefulness of excel features through Excel Macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The workshop assumes that you have no knowledge of programming and will start from the scratch of programmign concepts. It will progress in a logical step by step manner starting with the simpler automation code and gradually teaching how to write complex code to automate excel reports.


Saturday 9AM - 2PM:

  • Quick review of excel formulas and concepts required in automation.

  • Recording Macros and understanding its limitation.

  • Understanding VBA environment and learning basic syntaxes in VBA.

  • Working with Excel objects, writing code to copy-paste, format ranges...

  • Writing code to automate simple tasks in Excel.

  • Understanding and Using Variables.

  • Using 'If' condition and 'Select Case' for logical workflow.

  • Using conditions and variables to create dynamic quotation forms.

Sunday 9AM - 2PM:


  • Working with Loops using For-Each and Do-While.

  • Using Loops to consolidate sheets, fill formulas, lookup tables..

  • VBA to use arrays and split a sheet into many workbooks.

  • VBA to automate pivot table and gather data from other workbooks.

  • VBA to automate chart creation.

  • Designing a UserForm.

  • Creating UserDefined Functions with VBA.


Every Weekend


09:00 AM - 02:00 PM






2 Day Excel Workshop Hyderabad




RS. 5000


Upskill Technologies

Beside Raymonds





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