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GST Software for Small Business


  1. MS Office 2010 or higher (With MS Access Installed)

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No Installation

No installation required, just download the software and double click to open as it is based on Ms-Access which is on every Windows laptop/computer.

get started

Enter your basic information like business name, GST#, state and you are up and running. Add products/clients to generate GST ready invoices

Quick Quotes

Making quotations is super easy. No need to add clients/products. Just enter the details and you are ready to go.


Record all your transactions and generate a simple Profit and Loss statement for the month or any period.


Simplicity is the focus of this software. A Non-Technical and non-finance person can easily create gst compliant invoices, quotations and manage financials.


Don't store your and your clients data on an unsecured app but store it on your desktop with full security. 

more features

More new and exciting features to be added in the upcoming versions. So Stay tuned.


Do you want a consultant to file your GST returns we have yearly plans starting as low as 4000 per year where we assign a qualified consultant to file all your GST retursn

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