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Keep checking this page for common utilities and information downloads. For any automation requirement and customized application, reach us at

Upskill Consolidator// Consolidate all Excel Files


Ever had many excel workbooks which needs to be consolidated into one. Use this free macro to consolidate the workbooks into one with a single click of a button. Provide the folder name and the macro will pickup each workbook from the folder and consolidate.

Upskill Excel Invoice Generator


Now create a quick invoice on a single click. Enter the required details and the invoice is ready in a second. No formatting/margin setting required. Please buy the product to get more premium features and remember we customzine any kind of excel work. So do call us today.

Upskill List of Excel Shortcuts


Download the most commonly used excel shortcuts. Excel shortcuts are a must for users who spend most of their day working on excel as it saves lots of time .

Excel Index Page Creator


Create Index page with Table of Contents linking to all the sheets through this VBA code. Download the file and click on Index Creator for creating Indexes.

Upskill Add-in (Excel Quickies)

Make excel more productive by downloading this add-in for Excel 2010. Make your work super fast and easy with few clicks. Try the existing features and recommend any features that you would like. We'll be publishing with major additions and updates more often.

Upskill Excel Billing Application

Upskill XLApp provides simple and convenient way of maintaining sales and inventory for a small business. Be it a product based or service selling institution the easy interface of excel would be a delight for maintaining sales

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