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Upskill Excel Add-In 


Download the Add-In to save time by speeding up your tasks in Excel. Unhide all sheets, Unprotect sheets, Apply IfError to many cells quickly, Find broken links/names, List all files in a folder, make all files read only in a folder, Get current exchange rate and many more useful features.


Added number conversion formula, use conv2text(cell address) to convert any number to word. 

Example: =conv2text(a1)   - Assuming A1 has 119 the result would be " One hundred and Nineteen"


Review and request any additional feature that you wish to be part of the Add-In. 


Buy this Add-In Now to get additional advance features and uninterruped usage for an year for just 10$. Pay now through paypal.

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Features of Upskill Add-In

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