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Sometime its hard to find out if there is a better and quicker way of doing anything unlesss you meet an expert.  With over 10 years of experience in excel automation, we at Upskill Technologies support businesses and individuals with their excel needs acrosss the globe. 


If there is anything that you work on excel and you have these situations then you know its time to call us:


  1. "Oooh! this is too manual, there should be some way out"

  2. "Aaaah! You sure you have to type this all by myself!"

  3. "Maaan! I need like 20 hours on top of 30 days to fix this formula!"

  4. "I have been doing this reporting since last few days and I am still not done."

  5. "Wow! Isn't this model suppose to give you a +ve number for profit!"

  6. "We need a better system than excel. We just can't manage this now!"

  7. "I saw a dashboard on the internet, can we use such for our business?"

  8. "Is there a formula in excel which can do this?"

  9. "Why dont we automate this and spend  more time on other stuffs?"

  10. "I think we can use Access somehow to make things faster"


















Why to hire us:


  1. We have a team of specialists who have a combined experience of over 25 years. We have worked in different  industries for life on excel and we can not only complete the task but propose more flexibile  solutions with our experience.

  2. Our draft solution is absolutely free and you pay us only if you are satisfied with our  work. So there is nothing to loose.

  3. We offer our services at discounted rates. Our minimum rate per hour is as low as 10 USD. 

  4. We are avaialble  24 hours a day on skype, phone or email. As our esteemed customer you can call or email us anytime you need our support.

  5. We have network of consultants who deal on other technologies. In future you need services on any platform we provide references you can bank on.

  6. We respect each of our client and protect our customer's data. We are always ready to sign a NDA.


What have we done so far.


  • Automation of 500 odd invoice creation from a single excel source file. 

  • Editing & consolidating 100 odd excel files and generating a report. 

  • Updating weekly dashboard with data from websites and Ms-Access. 

  • Creating Financial models with complex calculations.

  • Professional Dashboard automation which include pivots and charts.

  • Lead Management System.

  • Recruiter Tracking System.

Recent Automation Projects: If you have a similar requirement then you will be lucky to have an instant draft ready to review.

Project: Trading Signal Application (Buy Sell Signal in Excel)

Date: Feb 2020

Client: Day trader majorly in Nifty Options

Task: Capture live cost of an option contract and apply a strategy and generate buy sell signal instantly.

Requirement: Client is a day trader who does swing trades in Nifty Options. He has over 10 years of experience in options trading and have  many tested strategies in his Armour. All he was lacking is a system which would trigger a signal to buy/sell when all the conditions are met. The task was to read the live markets and pull in the various parameters related to price and volume into excel. It was required to have a continuous feed of data at the interval of each minute and then transform that data feed into candlestick to identify patters and to catch a particular one based on various parameters.

Solution: The broker client was using provided real time data via its browser based application but it was a challenge to capture this data into excel without having to pay for APIs. But with combination of VBA, HTML object library and Selenium this task was finally automated. Then in VBA programming was done to convert the feed into candlesticks and apply various conditions to trigger an alert when it's time to Buy or Sell. After lot of rigorous testing and eliminating false calls the system was able to deliver 95% of the time the desired output as per the Client's expectations.

Consulting Cost Total: 300$

Savings: Apart from savings on costly software subscriptions and unknown methodologies, our client was able to have a tool based on his knowledge and was able to have a much better outcome in trading.

Project: PowerPoint Automation Project

Date: Dec 2019

Client: A High-tech Education Institute

Task: Automate generating report card in a PowerPoint deck with student's test results and emailing them to email address.

Requirement: Client is a reputed global school which does monthly assessment of students on various parameters. Rather than sending a printed report card they wanted to make a separate PowerPoint deck for each student showing how their performance was along with some basic details. The results of assessment were captured in an excel file and lots of graphs are created from predefined template in excel. The excel file would house the data for all the students studying in various grades and having different sets of parameters for assessment. Once the assessment results are gathered a very manual process was involved to filter data for a particular student, make charts out of it and then paste these details into a PowerPoint deck. Then another expert would do a thorough check if all the files are fine and he/she would send it to email id of the parent with a customized message. This process involved spending 2 days of full time work for 2 employees. Moreover there were possibility of errors in this process.

Solution: This task was automated with VBA where the solution file would pick-up the excel sheet, filter data for a student, make a PowerPoint for the student with his/her details in tables and charts and stores it in a folder for each grade. Once sample testing is done by an expert on few of the files and approved by the authority then the files would be automatically attached to a customized email and sent to parents.

Consulting Cost Total: 200$

Hours Saved: 48 hours of monthly savings

Project: Excel Calendar Template

Date: Sep 2019

Client: Employee of an ITES working in ticketing environment

Task: To create an excel calendar template showing which refreshes every month

Requirement: Client works as a coordinator in the ticketing department where they record and analyze number of tickets received daily. He has to create the template every month by putting the correct formatting for weekdays and weekends also add a lot of calculation manually to give the score by each week. Moreover this particular layout was used for various reporting with slight modifications in place. Once the format is ready then the values for the particular date and by each representative has to be brought in from a flat file source saved on shared drive every day.

Solution: This task was automated with VBA where the file with correct formatting was generated only the 1st working day of each month and then another button was provided, the back end code of which would fetch details from the flat file and put it into each column for the respective reps.

Consulting Cost Total: 12$

Hours Saved: 22 hours of monthly savings (avg 1 hour per day reduced to 2 minutes or less)

Project: Automation of word templates from Excel Files

Company: Client from IBM

Task: To populate word file with data in excel.

Requirement: Client gets an excel file with 1000s of records for various project and occasionally a word template has to be created for a single project. The word template has fields which include the project name, function which it belongs to, contact details of the requestor, contact details of the approver,  monthly volumes spent on the project, future projection for the project.

Solution: VBA code was written in excel where in an interface was provided to select the project and function. Based on the project and function the data gets filtered and using loops calculations and matching is done to get a summary of values to be pasted in word. Then the word template will be opened by VBA and the data gets pasted in blocks in the word file wherever required. This entire process happens in a couple of seconds and the word template file is saved and opened for the user to review.

Project: Creation of SLA Ticketing Tool

Company: IT company in Hyderabad

Task: Client handles IT tickets coming from various regions and a team of 20 people work on these tickets. Admin assigns a priority to the ticket and then assign it to one of the team members. The status of the ticket changes based on the progress. The TAT for each ticket has to be calculated based on the priority and when its closed the status should be updated automatically based on the TAT.

Solution: We created a file which works as a ticket application tool with forms. User gets option to launch forms for specific entry. A form to make an entry of a new ticket and another form to assign the ticket to the team member. The data gets stored in the table and the calculations are done using vba to decide the allowed TAT for each ticket. Finally an option to the user to generate report based on the TAT and team. 










Minimum Rate

Per Hour

As low as 10 $

We also create small applications for project management, inventory management, point of sales application, lead management system and many more in Ms-Access/Excel. Save time and money today and concentrate on important tasks in life while we code the repetitive tasks for you. Drop a note to info@upskilltechnologies or call/whatsapp us at +91-9985130004(India) today to get a draft solution and quote to simplify your life.

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