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ServiceNow Online Training - Hyderabad, India & USA

Nizam is our trainer and expert on ServiceNow. He has over 10 years of experience on SQL Server and ServiceNow in development and integration projects. He is currently working with a major MNC which implements ServiceNow for its clients. He is also part of interview panel who filters candidates to work on ServiceNow for the company. Learn from industry experts who can give you practical training. We also provide job support and mentoring on ServiceNow. So schedule a free demo today and talk to our expert on skype.


Servicenow Online Training Course Contents

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ServiceNow Training Administration

User Administration

  • Role Creation and Allotment

  • Setting up Company, Department and Locations

Implementation of Incident, Problem, Change and Knowledge Management

  • Managing an Incident Request

  • Moving an Incident to create a new Change Request

  • Moving an Incident to create a new Problem Request

  • Managing Change Request (RFC)

  • Managing Problem Request

  • Integrating Incident, Problem and Change with Knowledge

Implementation Configuration Management

  • Introduction to Configuration Item (CI)

  • Creation of CI

  • Managing Relationship between CIs

  • Business Service Map

  • Schema Map

  • Asset Management

Implementation of Service‐Catalog

  • Introductions Setup, formatting.

  • Link a catalog item to a workflow

  • Create a bundle

  • Create an order guide

  • Maintain Categories and Items

  • Maintain Categories

  • Change Catalog UI Policies

  • Catalog Scripting

Service‐ ITSM Platform Reporting

  • Introduction to Reports in Service‐ ITSM Platform

  • Service‐ Integration for Reports

  • Scheduled Email Delivery of Reports

Setting up Email Notification:

  • Inbound Emails

  • Outbound Emails

Using Import Sets:

  • Plug‐in Maintenance

  • Import Data (Import Sets)


  • User Views

  • Role Based Security

  • Customer/Caller Information

  • Set field to read-only

  • Debug Security

Basic form and list modifications

  • Personalizing forms

  • Personalizing lists

  • Introduction to fields

  • Dictionary UI

  • Modifying our forrm

  • Dependent field

  • Add a value to choice list

  • Create a new field

Development/Implementation Training

Scripting and APIs
Client Side Scripting

  • Client Script

  • UI Policies Basic

  • UI policies Scripting

  • UI Script

  • User Scripting

Server Side Scripting

  • Business Rule

  • Script Include

  • Server Side UI Action

  • UI Actions advance

  • Glide-System

  • UI Macro

Setting up Email Notification:

  • Scripting in emails


Implementation of Service‐Level Management

  • Design SLA Framework

  • Monitor SLAs

  • Revise SLAs/OLAs

  • Schedule SLA and Scripting on SLA

Workflow Development

  • Introduction of Workflow

  • Advanced Workflow Activities

Platform Administration:

  • Plug‐in Maintenance

  • Exporting Data

  • Migration Using Update Sets (working with One or more update sets)

  • Practical of all above and Workshop

  • Mass Upload of Record

Advance Implementation Training

Integrations of ServiceNow using various technologies

  • SOAP

  • JSON

  • XML

  • Static WSDL

  • Scripted Web-Services.

UI Pages-Advance Topics.
Question on all the above.

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