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 Tableau Training - Hyderabad, India & USA

Tableau is a widely used visualization tool in the business intelligence world. Learning tableau helps you to bring out the important elements from huge amount of data and make dynamic dashboards. Suresh is an expert in Tableau and a certified professional who can teach and make you a pro. With his extensive knowledge on Tableau and understanding of databases and programming he can make you a master on using Tableau. We also provide job support and mentoring on Tableau. Schedule a free demo today and learn Tableau easily at the comfort of your home.

Tableau Visualizations

Tableau Online Training Course Contents

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Tableau Programming Course Outline

  • Tableau Overview

  • What else if not Tableau

  • Tableau Desktop Setup

  • Navigation

  • Design

  • Data Types

  • Connecting with Data Sources

  • Extracting Data

  • Fields Operations

  • Data joining/blending

  • Tableau worksheets

  • Operators

  • Functions

  • Calculations

  • Sorting and Filters

  • Tableau Charts

  • Dashboard

  • Stories

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