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ColdFusion Online Training - Hyderbad, India & USA

Dipak is a adobe certified coldfusion trainer at Upskill Technologies. Dipak has over 8 years of experience on various adobe technologies and currently working on Coldfusion in one of the topmost mnc. We customize classes as per your requirement. Learn at your pace at the comfort of your home. Dipak also provides job support and acts as mentor if you are new in the role of a coldfusion engineer. We'll provide complete reference material and support post completion of the program. All you need is a pc with internet and microphone and you are set to learn ColdFusion to outsmart other. Send an enquiry today to or whatsapp today at 9985130004

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ColdFusion Online Training Course Contents

Unit 1: Introducing the Course

• Meeting the Prerequisites

• Understanding the Course Format

• Reviewing the Course Outline


Unit 2: Introducing ColdFusion

• Dynamic HTML generation

• CFML and ColdFusion

• ColdFusion Administrator

• ColdFusion datasources


Unit 3: Getting started with ColdFusion Builder

• Eclipse and ColdFusion Builder

• Exploring the ColdFusion Builder interface

• Creating a project and your first application

• Debugging Applications

• Accessing help in Adobe ColdFusion Builder

• Advanced ColdFusion Builder features


Unit 4: Fundamentals

• Creating ColdFusion Variables

• Using variables from HTML forms

• Displaying variable values

• Commenting Code

• If statements

• Reusing code with <cfinclude>


Unit 5: Publishing database content

• Connecting to a Database

• Querying a Database Table

• Viewing Debug Data

• Dumping a Recordset to a Browser

• Displaying Database Data

• Using the Resultset Structure Data

• Introducing CurrentRow

• Using URL Data in Dynamic Queries

• Creating Dynamic SQL for Multiple Search Criteria

• Query Params and Caching


Unit 6: Complex variables

• Using ColdFusion functions

• Looping over data

• Working with lists

• Working with arrays

• Working with structures


Unit 7: ColdFusion Components

• Reusing code

• Using Custom Tags

• Creating user defined functions

• Introduction to components


Unit 8: Introducing Object Oriented ColdFusion

• Instance based Components

• Caching instances

• Variables and scopes

• Adding methods to a component

• Property getters and setters


Unit 9: The Application Framework

• Handling Request Events

• Locking Shared Scope Variables

• Handling Session Events

• Using session events

• onServerStart()

• applicationStop()


Unit 10: Tags Galore

• Using <cfmap>

• Using <cfspreadsheet>

• Creating PDFs with <cfdocument>

• Using <cfimage>

• <cfmediaplayer>

• ColdFusion forms

• File system tags

• Email tags

• <cfprogressbar>

• <cfmessagebox>


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