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Client Testimonials

"Thanks Arsalan for the quick turnaround, really appreciate that. You've been my best bet when it comes to forecasting, specially when I have such limited information."

Adam Gerald-VP Marketing- California

" I would recommend Arsalan for any excel automation task. He has shown high levels of professionalism in designing the financial model for our complex real estate analysis. I recommend him any day for any excel work."

Steve-Real Estate-New Jersey

" Thanks Arsalan for giving me training on Excel and VBA. I am confident that these classess will help me carve a new way in my life. Thanks and All the Best"


" It was a very good training and very well explained though I recommend the training should be for atleast 4 days and not just one day. Anyways we are very happy that we learnt a lot in a single day. A big thank you from our team in Deloitte."


2010 - present

2010 - present

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