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Excel Billing Application


  1. Excel 2010 or higher (Make sure excel is macro enabled)

  2. Access 2010 or higher.


Upskill XLApp provides simple and convenient way of maintaining sales and inventory for a small business. Be it a product based or service selling institution the easy interface of excel would be a delight for maintaining sales. The current application provides a very flexible way to input, store and retrieve sales information. The front-end is the user friendly Excel spreadsheet which has all the controls to allow you to add products, inventory and generate sales.

The application by default has couple of products and inventory and one single sales record to show how the system looks. It can be tested by straight away adding your business products and services using the “Add Product” button. Once the products are added, you can view all the products by clicking the “Mapping” button. Inventory can be added by selecting a Product ID and adding inventory to it. Every product will have unique product ID.  To generate sales just click the control “Add Sales”. Choose the product you wish to add to the invoice and enter the quantity for it. Once all the desired number of products are added to the order click “submit” button which will add the data to the database. Take a print if you need and return back to the main menu. To view the sales till date enter the “Sales” button and there is your sales report till date.


The application is free to use and you can easily maintain all sales transactions for your business but we are not obliged to restore the database or provide any kind of technical support.


However, the premium version would add a lot of features which will enhance and secure the application.


Note: It’s recommended to move to a premium version which guarantees full support and lot of features.


Below are the available PREMIUM features:

  1. Dashboard : Which would show the below

    1. Sales Report by day for last 7 days.

    2. Sales Report by month for last 12 months.

    3. Top 10 products sold in the last 7 days.

    4. Top 10 products sold in the last 12 months.

  2. Ability to add default currency

  3. Ability to add business name and logo on the application and invoices.

  4. Ability to add more than 10 items per printed invoice.

  5. Ability to print pdf of the current invoice.

  6. Ability to pull any historical invoice and generate a PDF.

  7. Upload products via Excel Import

  8. Upload Inventory via Excel Import

  9. Continuous support via email and screen share if required.

  10. The application can also be upsized so that the database can be moved online providing simultaneous access to multiple users across the globe.

For any queries please whatsapp us at 9985130004 or email us at info at

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