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Coldfusion Job Support

Dipak is our expert on Coldfusion. He is a certified Adobe expert who can handle everything out there related to Coldfusion. He also teaches online and also expert on other programming languages.


If you are new to Coldfusion and want that support for few months before you handle it on your own then reach out to us for a free discussion with our expert and get started.

Schedule a demo for free and discuss the tasks and check the knowledge of our experts and their approach towards support. 

As part of job support you will have daily 1 hour of dedicated support for your tasks; this can be increased based on the complexity of work.

Most of the communication happen via email and if required the expert is available on a scheduled time to discuss in details.

We provide the best expert depending upon your time zone, availability and the complexity of the project. We have more than 1 to choose from.

We recommend you to take the training as well on Coldfusion to get a grip on and be independent in a small time.

Recent Coldfusion job support assignments:
1) Job Support for Coldfusion related application development

Mode: Online

Seeker Designation: Coldfusion Developer

Seeker Location: Boston, USA

Complexity: High

Duration: 5 months

Detail: The developer was assigned to develop an application using Coldfusion and he was struggling to get it done with the required accuracy and time. And that is when he approached us. 

Support: Dipak had a series of calls to understand the current stage of development and work on the errors. Took a 80:20 approach to attack the major errors which are giving 80% of the problems. He was also giving tips to the developer to check for minor bugs and fix it himself. The project lasted for 5 months and Dipak helped him to complete the development and lot of modifications.

* If you are an expert in any field and would like to be considered for the roles of Mentor, please send us your profile and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. Send your profile to

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