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Introducing Case Studies Learning to make students learn more effectively by actively involvement. Once you finish all the projects assigned by your tutor you can request us at to assign a case study.


A case study would be assigned to you which are our projects we have done in the past for our clients. We will give some guidelines like what needs to be developed or created and you as a developer or MIS specialist has to complete the project. All the communications would be via email and you can share the work in progress excel/access/ppt file.


Examples of case studies on Excel:

Roster: A transport supervisor wants to capture the cab movements and he wants a template to be designed which can be printed and given out to drivers to capture their time.

Sales Template: A Sales person wants to have a template to capture his leads and get a one click report of the number of clients he is pursuing and the business closed and other parameters…

HR Dashboard:  A HR would like to have a dashboard which should be based on the huge amount of data which represents people joining and leaving on a daily basis.

Examples of case studies on VBA:

POS Application: An application to store inventory and generate invoices for the products sold with options to generate report on sales, stock in hand, and so on….

Email Sender: An application to download certain data from website online format it to apply mapping based on company's codes and send respective files to various email ids via outlook.

How would it work: See the below email communication between the tutor and the student for one of the case studies..


Student1 (Jan 1, 5:00 PM): Hi Upskill, as discussed I have completed all the projects assigned to me and I would like to take up a case study. Could you please assign a live case study to me.


Tutor (Jan 1, 7:00 PM): Hi Student1, thanks for completing the projects assigned and I am happy to see that you are interested in working on a live case study. Let me get back to you in a day or 2.


Tutor (Jan 3, 4:00 PM): Hi Student1, We have a client who is Employed with one of the biggest IT company in India and he works into IT Infrastructure Department. He and his team around 25 people have to submit a lot of requests to finance whenever a new site is getting built or modified. He and his team would submit request for various types of routers, servers, printers, other networking devices… He is looking out for a simple calculator where he would mention the routers, servers, printers….required and a neat and simple summary should come up showing the major cost breakup. Attaching the list of devices they use and their cost by region. Can you please think of something and draft a solution


Student1 (Jan 3, 7:00 PM): Thanks, this looks very interesting, I will analyze the inputs and come back in a day.


Tutor (Jan 5, 4:00 PM): Student1, any progress?


Student1 (Jan 6, 2:00 PM): Actually I don't know where to start and how the user would want the solution to look like. So I am still thinking of it.


Tutor (Jan 6, 3:00 PM): I suggest you to ask questions and take some inputs before starting to work. So please ask any questions that are stopping you from making a solution to this.


Student1 (Jan 7, 2:00 PM): Fine below are few questions if you could help


  1. I am planning to make a 2 page file, one page would have all the inputs required and the other would be output, Is it fine?

  2. I am using simple validations as I don’t know how to use user-forms?


Tutor (Jan 7,5:00 PM): Nice start and to answer your questions, I am fine for a 2 page file and simple validations on range is fine.


Student 1(Jan 8, 4:00 PM): Hi- Attached is my first pass of the solution, please let me know your thoughts.


Tutor (Jan 8, 8:00 PM): This is really good but I would want you to make few changes.

  1. The validation list can you make it dynamic so that it takes any record if I enter later.

  2. Can you hide the rows and columns in the report sheet which are not utilized.

  3. Could you protect the report sheet so that once its generated no one should be able to change the output.

  4. The workings you have done is in a different sheet which is visible. Can you hide it (may be very hidden)

  5. Can we have a small pie chart to show the cost distribution.

  6. Can you try some different color combinations which are not too heavy on eyes.


Student 1 (Jan 9, 2:00 PM): Thanks for the inputs, I will update the file and re-send shortly.


Student 1(Jan 10, 3:00 PM): Please find attached the final version, hope this is what we need.


Tutor (Jan 11, 4:00 PM): Amazing, this is great. Thanks for this and I hope you now have the confidence of creating any template/report in real time based on inputs.


Student 1( Jan 12, 8:00 AM): Thanks a lot. This really helps.

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