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Project Finance Modeling (24 Days)



A must course for Financial Analysts to analyze financial data and create interactive models for decision making. With focus on IT project finance the course will improve your overall understanding of all financial concepts used in any organization and use excel and VBA to make them better.

Finance Recap
Excel for Finance
Project Pricing Modeling
  • Understanding basic financial concepts.

  • Understanding various business models.

  • Revenue Recognition Mechanics.

  • Overview of US GAAP & IFRS.

  • Understanding Chart of Accounts.

  • Understanding Cost Elements.

  • Introduction to planning, budgeting, payable, receivables, accounting roles in a company.


  • Using Financial Formulas in Excel.

  • Conditional formatting & Defining names.

  • Creating Dynamic Charts & Pivots.

  • Designing a Financial Models.

  • Using Lookups, Sumifs, Offset functions.

  • Using Cell References for calculations.

  • Building models for interest calculation.

  • NPV, IRR, Future Value modeling.

  • Creating a Finance model for a project.

  • Capturing capital and operating cost.

  • FTE sensitivity for compensation cost.

  • Sensitivity for revenue forecast.

  • Calculating Cashflow for a new project.

  • Model to determine project profitability.

  • Providing various scenarios for project execution.

  • Creating Break-Even Summary.

  • Sensitivity to arrive at a profitable quote.

Financial Statements
Advance Modelling
  • Forecasting revenue and budgets.

  • Creating and Forecasting P&L.

  • Plugging cost driver sensitivity in a model.

  • Create profit improvement models.

  • Capitalization and amortization impact.

  • Creating Aging report for receivables.

  • DSO and PDD impact on profits.

  • Cash Flow Modelling.

  • Using VBA to achieve complex task.

  • Creating and using UDF with VBA.

  • Using Goal Seek and Solver.

  • Protect classified information from user.

  • Using Bubble and waterfall charts.

  • Errorproof your model.

  • Linking to External excel and access files.

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