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Google Spreadsheet Training

Google Spreadsheet is a free online spreadsheet program provided by Google. All you need to access Google sheet is a google account and a browser. Learn how to quickly create a google spreadsheet, store numbers and information, format and design a report and also collaborate with others in real time.

Intoduction to Google Drive
  • Get a Google Account

  • Introduction to Google Drive

  • Installing Google Drive on PC

  • Accessing drive on browser

  • Creating documents online

  • Creating folders

  • Saving and accessing shared docs.

Learning the basics
  • Entering Data

  • Formatting a table

  • Adding deleting renaming sheets

  • Undo Redo

  • Saving the file

  • Saving a copy

  • Writing basic formulas

  • Sum, Average, Max, Min, Round.

  • Learning Text Functions

  • Learning Sum if

  • Learning Vlook-up

  • Learning google functions

Data Analysis
Project: Time Tracking
  • Filtering Data and analysing

  • Creating chart

  • Creating pivot tables

  • Making Forms

  • Using conditional formatting

  • Gather and arrange details of developer

  • Design template to enter a new project

  • Design template for time tracking by project and developer

  • Using formulas create a consolidated summary.

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