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Excel VBA Job Support

If you are new to the world of Excel and VBA coding or the project assigned to you demands extreme knowledge of VBA and faster turn around then its a good idea to talk to us and discuss your needs. Our team has experts with over 12+ years of experience in designing applications using extreme Excel knowledge and some amazing VBA programming skills.

Schedule a demo for free and discuss the tasks and check the knowledge of our experts and their approach towards support. 

As part of job support you will have daily 1 hour of dedicated support for your tasks; this can be increased based on the complexity of work.

Most of the communication happen via email and if required the expert is available on a scheduled time to discuss in details.

We provide the best expert depending upon your time zone, availability and the complexity of the project. We have more than 1 to choose from.

We recommend you to take the training as well on Excel/VBA to get a grip on and be independent in a small time.

Recent VBA job support assignments:
1) Job Support for PDF conversions to excel

Mode: Online

Seeker Designation: Business Analyst

Seeker Location: Ohio, USA

Complexity: High

Duration: 6 months

Detail: The analyst receives set of PDF documents which has to be converted to Excel. Optical character reader was being used to scrape the text in those documents but because it was in a table format and having lot of numbers and codes it had to be manually formatted using lots of text functions and splitting of columns. A single document would consist of 200 pages and the criteria would be same only for a set of documents (5-10). The entire criteria would be different for another set. 

Support: The analyst would show sample pages of the document and the expert here would write a macro to get the input excel file and run it through various conditional statements, loops, look-ups and convert it to a tabular format. Then functions were written specifically for various criteria which would change depending on the set of the document structure received. The expert walked through the process of writing the code and how to run and test the result. The analyst would run the result and provide any errors which to the expert who would tweak the functions or codes to get a 100% clean results.

2) Job Support to create application to track training programs/trainees

Mode: Online

Seeker Designation: HR Specialist

Seeker Location: Boston, USA

Complexity: High

Duration: 3 months

Details: The firm receives lot of new recruits and they have to go through various trainings before they are put in a production environment. It was difficult for the specialist to track the recruits and see where they are currently getting trained and provide a report on click on when they will be productive to plan for resources. Management wanted to create a program that can answer such questions quickly. HR specialist who has good knowledge of excel started making the application on excel but he was stuck when lot of dynamics came into picture and approached us for support on the application.

Support: Our expert assigned to the support he studies the requirement and gave him a draft of what the solution would look like. It involved using massive amount of VBA programming and using Access database as a back-end to store data and visualize it on Excel. Milestones were agreed and project was taken into phases and tested module after module and finally a dynamic application was in place which provided multi user access to the application to enter, store and retrieve information.


* If you are an expert in any field and would like to be considered for the roles of Mentor, please send us your profile and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. Send your profile to

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