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VBA Macros Training (20 Hours)
One on One training on Zoom/Skype.
Dedicated trainer at convenient timings.

Fees: 14000 Rs.

This course is for you if you spend a lot of time on excel or if you are interested to move to a MIS position. The course will teach you the basics of programming and you will learn how to automate daily tasks in excel. No programming knowledge required but you should be good with excel.

VBA Macros training hyderabad
Objects and Collections
Conditions and Loops
  • Introduction to Programming.

  • Using macro recorder.

  • Getting Familiar with VBA Editor.

  • Creating modules.

  • Generating code from macro recorder.

  • Understanding the code.

  • Writing basic code.

  • Reference types in recording code.

  • Object Hierarchy

  • VBA syntax to refer an object.

  • Object Properties & Methods.

  • Collections Analogy

  • Working with cell/range object

  • Working with cells, sheets and workbooks

  • VBA code to copy paste.

  • Using IF condition in VBA.

  • IF-Else and IIF conditions.

  • Multiple IF vs Select Case

  • Do While Loop

  • For-Each & For-Next

  • Using For Loop with conditions

  • Using With-End Construct.

  • Loop between sheets and workbooks.

Functions and Events
Charts, Pivots and Userforms
Real Time Projects
  • Creating formulas with VBA.

  • Calling functions and procedures.

  • Using XL Formulas in VBA code.

  • Passing arguments to functions.

  • Workbook events.

  • Sheet Events

  • Cell Change Events

  • Creating dynamic charts with Excel.

  • Code to create and update Charts.

  • Creating Pivots with VBA.

  • Creating Userform to gather information.

  • Design Userform.

  • Working with Userform controls.

  • Creating a responsive Userform.

  • Error Handling Techniques

  • Code to consolidate all xl files in folder and sub folder.

  • Code to create dashboard using pivots and dynamic charts.

  • Code to create invoices from a single source of data.

  • Code to lookup data in various files and create a dashboard.

Connecting VBA to SQL
  • Connecting Excel with Database using ADODB Connection.

  • Connecting to SQL Server, MySQL Server and Access Database with VBA.

  • Writing SQL Queries to extract data from table and using it in VBA.

  • SQL Select queries using where, orderby and like.

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