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Hi All- There has been a request from most of the students attending excel and VBA classes to show what SQL queries are and how SQL can be used with Excel and VBA. SQL is a query language to retrieve, store and manipulate data in a relational database. SQL has become very important to learn now as most of the jobs that require you to work with data has one or the other database application and if you know the basic SQL queries then you can write it to extract the data required. Else you will have to visit the technical team in your company or request your colleagues to write the query for you. Even though you might not be using SQL currently in your job but if your nature of the job is analyzing data then believe me its always useful to have knowledge of basic query writing.

In this SQL free session we are going to teach you basic select queries where in you can extract the required data from a database. After this session you will be able to write select queries using 'where', 'order by', 'group by' ,'joins', 'functions', 'wildcards'. Not only this we will also show you how to use SQL queries in Excel or VBA code to get data from SQL Server/MS Access.

As this is a free SQL session and we are planning to have it once a month. I request you to contact your trainer about the next session and enroll for it. Preference would be given to the students who have submitted all the projects and tried solving the case studies. The session would possibly be on a weekend which will be announced at-least a week before . PDF notes on queries and the database will be provided by email after the session.

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